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Join our community of incredible individuals that are motivated to have a lasting impact! Our Visionaries provide Clara Vista with a backbone of funding to ensure our continued empowerment of leaders in rural communities in Costa Rica. Monthly gifts allow Clara Vista to keep fundraising expenses to a minimum so we can focus more fully on our programs. 

As a Clara Vista Visionary, your donations will be processed automatically with no effort required on your part. You will have membership to our special community of monthly donors and receive one donor acknowledgment in January summarizing your previous year’s gifts. Monthly gifts can be canceled or modified at any time.

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See Your Support in Action!

As a Clara Vista Visionary, you are supporting ongoing initiatives like local leadership, environmental sustainability, and community development. Meet Jaime, Michael, Iris, and Gerardo below to hear their story and learn how you are making positive change in their lives.

Local Leadership

Meet Jaime, the President of the Venado Neighbor’s Association. Thanks to Jaime’s leadership, over 100 people in Venado have reliable access to drinking water for the first time in history. With your support, Clara Vista can continue to work with leaders like Jaime. In turn, Jaime can continue to lead the community of Venado to accomplish their goals.

Environmental Sustainability

Meet Michael, leader of the local environmental initiative and captain of Venado’s soccer team (a highly regarded position!). Michael has a unique style of leadership that relates to Venado’s youth, motivating them to get involved. With your support, we can provide Michael with materials for their reforestation effort, cleanup campaigns, and environmental signs.

Community Development

Meet Iris and Gerardo – the coveted homestay parents. Iris is the Vice President of the Venado Neighbor’s Association and an incredible chef. Gerardo embodies a traditional tico lifestyle working with agriculture and hauling large items with his oxen. Listen as they reflect on how Venado has changed over the years.