Lesley holds a B.S. in Community & International Development from the University of Vermont and has served as a Clara Vista board member since 2014. In her undergraduate years, Lesley participated in service-learning and community-based research in Mexico, St. Lucia and Honduras. Her work in development primarily focuses on public health and education. After graduating from UVM, Lesley moved to Maui, Hawaii, where she worked to promote STEM education and economic diversification in the Hawaii Asia-Pacific region. Her work there included a leading role in piloting a clean energy science education curriculum in Thailand and Lao PDR. After two years of teaching English in China and journeying throughout Asia, she is now pursuing a Master of Science in Public Health with a focus on health policy & management and global health. In her spare time, Lesley loves to travel, spend time in the great outdoors and eat lots of delicious food.